Privacy Policy

This privacy policy relates to Secret Amigo app which is available on the iOS App Store, its relevant APIs and server component. This privacy policy is applicable to all uses of Secret Amigo. It applies to any and all data collected by Secret Amigo. The privacy policy may change over time, and the most recent policy can be viewed here.


Secret Amigo requests access to your device contacts to populate the information (name/surname/email) of a participant. Contact usage permission is optional and you will be prompted by your device to either allow or deny this permission. If you deny, Secret Amigo has no access to your contacts. If you accept, Secret Amigo will fetch your contacts in a list for you to choose one and use its details for a participant. The complete list of contacts never leaves your device. It is not sent to our servers, and is only used for on-device selecting of participant information. Your contacts information is not stored or transmitted anywhere.

API Usage

Secret Amigo has created its own private secure services to do the sharing of event invites. The information shared from your device to this services is the information you provide about the Event and Participant details. This is being used to build the email body and send the invites to the participant emails. The emails and information stored is not shared with anyone nor used for marketing purposes. This information is temporary stored until one week after the date of the event, once the event date is reached in calendar it waits for one more week and then the entire event information and its participant details will be wiped from the servers.

The information is being stored using mongoDB technologies, and you can read their privacy policy here.


No analytics or user data is collected by Secret Amigo, other than anonymised opt-in data provided by Apple. There is no third-party analytics or tracking code used by Secret Amigo app or its services.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, or would like to clarify something, feel free to get in touch through this link.
Privacy policy last updated 7th December 2020.